In Zhytomyr mother tried to leave the baby cuckoo in interregional communication bus

About 10.00 Chudnovsky police department received a report of the discovery of the bus driver abandoned the seat minibus 2-month baby. After short-term stop the vehicle, passengers, going back to the cabin, saw Mr.avmysno mother abandoned baby. Continuing clarify all circumstances. At this time, found that a combination of minibus "Kyiv-Khmelnitsky" stopped near one of the roadside cafes in Chudniv Zhytomyr region. After a brief respite driver and passengers back to the cabin, where it became apparent absence of one of the passengers, and its seat -abandoned baby. At the scene called the police and started searching for the woman. After inspecting plantations nearby found the young woman who was trying to hide. In a conversation with the police Chudnovsky District Police, she explained that she decided to keep the baby because he did not intend to further educate her. Currently SetLeno that a woman born in 1990, resident of interest. She said she already has two children, but she is deprived of parental rights. Ongoing clarification of all circumstances. The situation is also working doctors and social workers. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ukraine in Zhytomyr region