Investigators and detectives from Zhytomyr help colleagues to maintain law and order in the danger area

Seven arrested and over two dozen declared wanted by militants - are the results of Zhytomyr detectives and investigators who helped law enforcement agencies during the month of individual settlements Donbass identify persons included in the compositionof illegal paramilitary formations. This was explained by a direct participant of the Head of Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Zhytomyr Alex Hrobust. If the work of law enforcement in the settlements and checkpoints on duty Lugansk borne consolidated Zhytomyr law enforcement units, the additional forces in horseshoesriplenni certain areas of law enforcement in the turbulent east are dispatched investigators and staff of the units. It is such a service trip recently returned to Zhytomyr five workers Investigation Department. "After 16 hours, people even the police do not come, and after the 17th and until the morning - as if dying city" Exactlyso, according to Alexei Hrobusta, now organized life in some towns of Donetsk region. He along with several colleagues had to work with local police precinct Krasnoarmeysk and other newcomers to rozoseredyly Volnovakha and Selidova. - During the day townspeople life is not much different from the usual routine. There are stores,shelves are plenty of food and consumer goods. That's only if there is no cash in your pocket, then with purchases not rozzheneshsya. And to get money from ATMs is virtually impossible. But in the late afternoon trade away all schools are closed and are no available cash will not help even buy bread. Everything should work in advance.Attitude Ukrainian military and police officers, especially those who arrived at the Donbass from other regions, the local population still remains controversial. However, it is also certain circumstances. The most important - some of the inhabitants of Donetsk region, including the cities and towns like Krasnoar, joined the illegal paramilitary formuvan, now relentlessly continue to terrorize and undermine local infrastructure settlements. "Among the fighters so-called" militia "the vast majority of predisposition to alcohol and drugs, and previously convicted persons" The main task for the Zhitomir operatives became practical help colleagues to identify and arrestand as members of subversive criminal groups and individual fighters that were illegal paramilitaries. Assist in the investigation of crimes committed by them provided Poliske investigators. This plot, of course, was new to the latter, but the professionalism and thorough knowledge of the rules Ukrainian legislation allowed successfully perform postavleni task. - Among those who were detained us were militants who proclaimed themselves with the so-called militia - the battalion "Vostok" and even "the Russian Orthodox army" terrorists which, incidentally, is known committing violent crimes with further atrocities and torture people. Militants from illegal paramilitary formation"Vostok" operatives detained in Krasnoarmiysk after notification, at first sight, household strife. The police called the woman and told her ... vidluptsyuvav lover. When went to the address and police arrested the offender applicant, the latter, as it turned out, was a member of the separatist movement. The woman said thatmet him on the Internet, and long-awaited meeting turned to her unpleasant surprise. - During interrogation, the detainee was found striking evidence of his crime, and he said as he took part in the bombardment forces ATO notorious in Donetsk airport. By the way, he was one of the few detainees whodoes not suffer from addiction to alcohol and drugs, and has no criminal record. According to Alexei Hrobusta those who had to deal, with the vast majority still be subject to criminal liability and lead a marginal life, thus participating in illegal paramilitary terrorist DNR for them - not ideologicalbelief as banal earnings. "Saboteurs visited by at feasts in their homes, but do not forget about the purpose of stay pro-territory" Exploration and performing various kinds of sabotage - criminal attacks on the peace and tranquility of Donetsk team - one of the purposes to which members of terrorist organizations, people from Donbass come vidviduvayou loved ones with breakaway People's Republic. The so-called "cleansing" of settlements, which are held Ukrainian security forces, and are intended to detect and neutralize hazardous guests or pander. - During our stay in Donbas common occupational work Zhytomyr and local investigators documented allowed inidverto illegal activities of organized criminal groups, exiled to Krasnoarmiysk to carry out reconnaissance and sabotage. We managed to establish and hold some of these people. During interrogation gaining evidence and evidence of their involvement in at least 13 robberies committed in the area using automaticfirearms and explosives. In addition, as revealed during the investigation of criminal proceedings, timely arrest these people police have warned a number of difficult and high-profile crimes, including the assassination attempt on the head of the district police and military commissioner district. Part of the "militia" managed to escape the territory, controlrolovanu militants, but their identities are established and announced they wanted to. Further preliminary investigations carried out by the Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Donetsk region. In general, according to Alexei Hrobusta, as a result of Zhytomyr investigators and operatives during month secondment managed to arrest seven suspected of illegal voyenizforces of Old and another of 23 to officially announce the wanted list. Guide Donetsk police said that this is one of the best indicators of suitable strength of the regions. Olga Nomerchuk, SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Zhytomyr region, (According to Alexis Hrobusta, SU MIA)