In the Transcarpathian region traffic police Mukachevo met with students' rights and responsibilities

pedestrians and cyclists - on issues which were discussed during the meeting of the police with students grades 6-11 secondary school 15 Mukachevo. To teach children from an early age to adhere to traffic rules - the task set by thenot only parents, teachers, and police and traffic police. During the next meeting with students of school 15 Mukachevo Mukachevo VDAI inspector of prevention of Nicholas Krasivov modeled different situations, which often fall pedestrians. Almost all students know the basic rules of the road. And those who are forgotten once again reminded howmove roadway where children to be placed inside the car, meaning traffic light signals and road traffic controller and so on. Students interested in what age, how and where cyclists have the right to move the carriageway. For most of the students are riding bicycles. Some teens admitted that sometimes passroad in prohibited place when near a crosswalk. The inspector warned them of this and told about the dangers they face. "Policeman" gave specific examples of the consequences of such a daring and reckless behavior on the road. Natalia Machico Mukachevo CF MIA