Employees UBOP Transcarpathian grenades and explosives seized

Dangerous "treasure" removed Khust resident who had served in one of the roadblocks in the Mykolaiv region. Recently Transcarpathian UBOZ workers during a search authorized in one of the residential area in Khust found and seized two grenades RGD-5 with WANALama them and TNT bomb. It was found that these munitions and explosives owner accommodation provided for the storage of his friend, a resident Khust. The latter testified that in late 2014 he was part of the self Mykolaiv region. There's during their service in one of the roadblocks he allegedly took these grenades and Seluhivku from unknown people ... Is it really so it remains to be seen, instead, found that this hustyanyn previously held criminally liable for the illegal handling of weapons. At the time he reported suspicions of criminal offenses established st.263 Criminal Code of Ukraine (illegal reinstion of weapons, ammunition or explosives). The circumstances of the case must install the investigation. SZEM Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region