In the Zhytomyr region DSNS fighters rescued the girl who fell from a suspension bridge

February 28, at about 12:30, the item called ’ communication 8th State Fire and Rescue downtown Korosten was reported that the suspension bridge into the river Oh girl fell in need of immediate help rescuers. To rescue « 101 » called first regular police, and later random eyewitness who saw everything with my own eyes, but not had time to react. Upon arrival DSNS fighters to the scene found that 30-year-old girl jumped from a bridge suspended from a height of about 15 m, and fell on the ice, breaking it with his weight. Fortunately, she remainedalive and conscious and started its own call for help. Rescuers consecutive time, breaking the ice, and lowered the water inflatable boat, they swam to the victim and, pulled her out of the water inside the boat headed back to shore where they were waiting for arrived on-call physicians. &Laquo; carriage » Ambulance girl was admitted to therailway hospital surgical department of the city of Korosten where it is now and. Doctors injured disappointing diagnosis: a state of strong alcoholic ch ’ yaninnya, slaughter of ’ which tissue left thigh, abdomen dull slaughter and cut wounds fingers of his left hand. Currently, she is stable condition. Her life and health ’ S nothingnot threatened. The case is set and the reason for this rash act dangerous to life. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region