Kidnapped in Rivne "Volkswagen", police detained in Zhytomyr

The attacker, who was tempted by car to someone else, do not take into account the presence in it of active satellite anti-theft system. Therefore, the location of the car was quickly installed by the owner and returned it through already Zhytomyr police employee. Messagingent that one of the highways of Zhytomyr region kidnapped moving in. Exactly minibus "Volkswagen" received the stationary traffic police post Novograd Volyn region 26 February. - This Rivne our colleagues informed the owner of the stolen vehicle. He was able to track their own by car through Setit ovleniy satellite anti-theft system - said Deputy Chief UGAI MIA Zhytomyr Alexander Dergachov. Therefore, the possible direction of the stolen "Volkswagen" left just two crew supervisors road patrol. For some time wanted the car was found on the outskirts of the village Chervonoarmiiskyi. In its Junegu, pilot, seeing the traffic police patrol cars, dramatically changed the direction of motion and ran off the main road to the soil. However, the car drove a few meters and got stuck in the mud. Run the driver foot well out of luck, though he tried, one of the traffic police crews remained at the "Volkswagen", the other - caught the fugitive. At the scene was caused slidcho-Chervonoarmiiskyi task force police department. Law enforcement officers found that driving a stolen car was 33-year-old city. Zhitomir. To further clarify the circumstances that he committed the criminal offense he was taken to the local rayviddilku and subsequently transferred to Rivne law enforcement. It is espeachyty that current criminal law misappropriation vehicle (st.289 Criminal Code of Ukraine) is punishable by fines, restrictions or imprisonment for a period of 3 to 5 years. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ukraine Zhytomyr region, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs UGAI