Gender Culture in the labor market - overcome stereotypes inequality

active part in the implementation of the state policy on equal constitutional rights of women and men is Rivne regional employment center. Since the beginning of a series of workshops already held its experts on the basis of gender center. Gender Centre is a center of riznomanitnyh measures aimed at outreach and promotion topics equality in the labor market. Typically, these classes are held in an interactive form that enables active participation. The main purpose of these measures was to enhance understanding of how stereotypes affect our consciousness and behavior. That we are the Safety ofmedium carriers of these stereotypes and therefore only depends on us what the future life; how to overcome the negative effects of gender inequality in the labor market and how to act in order to succeed on the road to professional fulfillment. Great attention to such training is paid to gender-tolerant communication are analyzed and discussedoryuyutsya in this context, the rules of business communication. Seminars on gender issues contribute to the formation of skills for effective interaction between people of different sexes, which is the key to success in finding a job and adjusting to a new professional environment. This work employment service indicates that professionals do not stand aside this problem and integerdirected force in shaping gender culture in society through information and educational activities. This was reported in Rivne city employment center