In the Rivne region your profession - your future

Under the slogan Kostopil regional employment center for the assistance of the Department of Education district administration held February 25 fair-marathon occupations for graduates of secondary schools. The fair was held in the districts and Myrnenskoyi Velykolyubaskoyi school. To the career-oriented stocks joined more than 20 of Rivne schools representing their specialization, conditions of entry and training. Visited Fair 257 students. Head of active support for the unemployed Kostopil District Employment Svetlana Lopushanskaya urged that it shnye graduates shaping the future of labor Kostopilschyny face. "Choosing the right profesiyi affects both the self-sufficiency of each person and the provision of labor market specialists necessary skills. A guarantee of success is human activity, persistence in implementing zadumannoho "- she said. A week earlier a similar fair marathon held jobs in urban schools 5 and 6. The participants were 350 students. Organizers of activities for young people believe that their conduct will allow this year's graduates for getting in their professional choice. This was reported in Rivne city employment center