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In Rivne cafe bars, restaurants installed a new operating mode

According to the Decision of the Executive Committee of Rivne City Council number 24 of 24 February 2015 in Rivne set a new mode of establishments restaurant business after 22-00 hours. Therefore: - Coffee bar "Owl" on the street. Gagarin, 75 (limited vidpovidalnisity "International Trade House" Equal ") work to 24:00 pm; - Cafe "Rendezvous" on ul.Kurchatova 1 (individual entrepreneur Osypchuk Larissa B.) to work 02-00 hours a night; - Cafe "Tycoon" on vul.St.Bandery, 61 (Limited Liability Company "secret and K") will be open until 24:00 pm; - Disco bar "tycoon" on vul.St.BAnder, 61 (Limited Liability Company "secret and K") will be open until 4:00 am. This decision was taken in accordance with the submitted applications and applications from entrepreneurs to establish regimes of their institutions after 22:00 h. This was reported in the Rivne City Council