Almost 60% of defense equipment Zhitomir region are not ready for their intended use

Intended use ready 41% protective structures Zhytomyr region. Condition of protective structures, their willingness to protect citizens – This issue was addressed during the extended meeting with participation of heads of state administration and law enforcementFebruary 12 held by RSA chairman Sergei Mashkovskaya - press service of Zhytomyr Oblast State Administration. According to Deputy Head of DSNS Ukraine in Zhytomyr region Oleg Derzhanivskoho, as of 1 January 2015 the account in 1180 is protective structures of civil protection. With 127 availablestorage ready for their intended use 16 limited willing – 39, not ready – 72. In 1053 radiation shelters ready for use 36 limited willing – 399 not ready – 618. The total percentage of unavailability of protective equipment is 59%. One reason for the poor state of maintenance of protective structures Oleg Derzhanivskyand believes that the owners or balance-not provide adequate funds for their maintenance. Do not take measures to prevent flooding of protective equipment groundwater in BC ’ connection with what is the destruction of structures and go down. &Laquo; The region started checking protective structures of civil protection. As of 11 peotested 44 of storage and 321 anti-radiation shelter. Of all the tested storage 21 and 70 shelters are not prepared. The main disadvantages of – groundwater flooding and lack of utilities – heat, water, electricity. Work continues on verification & raquo ;, - reported in OSA. Sergey Mashkovskaya noted that the issue of stateprotective structures seriously controlled by the state. Information about their location should be communicated to all residents of settlements through leaflets in ’ yizdah information in the media. Turning on the phone « hotlines & raquo ;, every resident of the region also has comprehensive information on the nearest shelter. In theDSNS in Zhytomyr region

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