In the Transcarpathian Oblast Prosecutor demands to return to state ownership a plot of land worth over 735 thousand. Uzhgorod

inter-district prosecutor's office appealed to the Commercial Court of the Transcarpathian region in the public interest represented Storozhnytskoyi village council, the subsidiary « Golden Foods & raquo ;. In its lawsuit prokuratcheers required to terminate the lease of land and its supplementary agreements through its dissolution and termination of use and return the land area of ??over 0.6 hectares of reserve land Storozhnytskoyi village council. As the inter-district prosecutor Alexander Uzhgorod Andryshyn: « grounds for appeal to the prosecutor's officeCourt was that DP « Golden Foods & raquo ;, breach of the Agreement and the Land and Tax Code of Ukraine did not make systematic payment of rent for the land and its regulatory and monetary valuation of land is more than 735 thousand & raquo ;. Press office of the Prosecutor's Office Transcarpathian region