In the Transcarpathian region in February compiled and forwarded to the court 10 reports on corruption cases

In February this year, law enforcement Transcarpathian region have made and sent to the court 10 protocols on administrative corruption, while for February 2014 was only 4. Of the total numberprotocols, 6 prepared by prosecutors and two – OCD and UAS. Among those who were brought to administrative responsibility for corruption: 2 people – local authorities, including 1 – former head of district administration – Civil Servant 3 categories that NEPravomirno accrued a premium, one employee service in the government's fiscal and customs area, 5 – PEC chairpersons who wrongfully decided to allocate a one-time cash award and 1 – other public authorities. 5 reports compiled for violation st.172-7 CAO (conflict of interest), 3 – by Article 172-4 CAO (moonlighting), and 1 for protocol violation st.172-5 CAO (receiving gifts) and st.172-6 CAO (violation of financial control). Press office of the Prosecutor's Office Transcarpathian region