In Transcarpathia judge chief inspector of customs post "Tisa" Chop Customs for receiving $ 500

illegal benefit Investigation particularly important cases Investigation Department of the Prosecutor's Office Zakarpastkoyi field of pre-trial investigation is completed and submitted to the court indictment regarding Chief Inspector customs post « Teesand » Chop Customs Mindohodiv on receipt of the $ 500 illegal benefit. Ukazanogo official January 20 this year, was detained by prosecutors Transcarpathian region, together with UAS staff in the field, at the customs post in obtaining $ 500 undue advantage, he demanded of autocarrierand import to Ukraine from Hungary goods without customs clearance. Therefore, prosecutors Transcarpathian region was declared a customs officer on suspicion of receiving illegal benefits officer, accompanied with a request for Part undue advantage. 3. 368 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Press office of the Prosecutor's Office Transcarpathian region