Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk welcomed the participants national meeting of project partners "Open City"

For the second day participants in the "Open City" work in the Center of administrative services. meeting participants congratulated Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk. He said that the way to Lutsk project representatives from almost all monthst Ukraine. Therefore hopes that stay in our city is all interesting and useful. Creating a platform "Open City" Mayor considers good to record problems of the city, at the same time and see how quickly run utilities. Members of the "Open City" shared experience how the project with them. By the wayAmong some 20 cities in Ukraine, where introduced "Open City" Luck is the most effective and demonstrates the best performance assured experts fund "Eastern Europe". Lutsk project "Open City" runs from October 2014. It provides an opportunity for a Web site to appeal to the City Council with complaints of municipal enterprises, inis, or point out any problem. During the period of the system "Open City" on the project Luciana were 500 complaints. This was reported in Lutsk City Council