The first round of Tourist Information Alliance Lutsk

February 27, 2014 the newly formed Public Association "Coach alliance Lutsk", namely: recreational complex "Restpark" and "Silver Stork" coffee house "Golden Ducat" travel agency "new journey" Center of Traditional Culture "Honey Hut" (NGO "Brotherhood of Volyn Earth" swarm state ")Brand name "Volyn sweets", with the assistance of the Department of Tourism and promote the city held the first round of information for tour operators engaged in inbound tourism, guides and Lutsk. Participants Public Union presented their capabilities and potential for quality service Lutsk and visitors. The first stop of the tour centuryAB recreation complex "Restpark" where its director Gus Nazar told the guests about the resettlement of tourists base for business and conference tourism options for family fun, interesting of leisure activities, including cooking and catching trout on campus. The next item was the recreation complex "Silver Stork" where President Alyansu Olha Yarmolyuk showed participants the new hotel building, built according to modern European standards. It was also demonstrated other facilities for leisure activities on-site restaurant, cafe, swimming pool, sauna, lounges and more. Then "tourists" Center met traditional culture "Honey Hut", where members of the brotherhood beeravines Volyn Earth "swarm state" Dmitruk family and Shotikiv had them a lecture about the ancient culture of beekeeping, production and consumption of drinking honey and honey cosmetics. On the last point the observation tour - cafes "Golden Ducat" - mistress Jeanne Chyhrynyuk institution has demonstrated both on real historical background andurban legends implement successful and attractive tourist and business project. In conclusion director KP "Tourist Information Centre and Services" Anastasia Lopanova spoke about his work and opportunities, as well as invited participants of the tour and travel alliance cooperation. Reference: "Tourism Alliance Lutsk" (TAL) - an association of members industRhee hospitality Lutsk for joint activities for the development of Lutsk as interesting, hospitable and good tourist town and its promotion at national and international tourist markets. The basic idea TAL - complex development and promotion of Lutsk as a tourist center of Western Ukraine. This was reported in Lutsk City Council