Lutsk students are the first in the

Suitable performance in the previous stage of the competition team Lutsk SPC number 22 joined the fight for the top prize in the finals of the regional festival "Merry starts" among schoolchildren under the slogan "Healthy Children - Healthy Nation". In the final Lutsk rivals were still 13 teams from all over our region thatI and II took place in the previous step. Young athletes competed in the 3-4 grade 5 relays ("Fitbol", "planting potatoes", "Floorball", "bouncing", "Bush"), in which they showed good physical training, agility, speed and intelligence. At the competition, despite fierce struggle was an atmosphere of team spirit and sportsholidays. In the stands roledromu "Port City" gathered a lot of spectators and fans. Among them was the support group of UC number 22 led by the school principal Larisa V. Kucher, who passionately supported and encouraged participants. After taking first place in all relay team of Lutsk SPC number 22 won. After completion ZMAGan organizers awarded a diploma and cup team, and participants - medals, sweets and tickets to attend cafes Wildberries Sponsor of Valeriy Panasyuk. A good performance of young students of Lutsk SPC number 22 due to its physical training teacher Vadim Demchuk. Department of Education of the City Council This was reported in LutskCity Council