Nicholas Romaniuk: "This year we will continue to repair complex adjoining areas"

Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk visited the local area on the street station, 15 Artseulov, 11 Gulak-Artemowski, 25 and 25 as well, which will be given a comprehensive improvement. "I want to inform you about the amount of work to be performed, and this - compleksnyy landscaping, pavement, lighting upgrades, installation of playground. I also want to hear your suggestions to consider when performing their work ", - said Mayor Luciano, who came to the meeting. Communicate with the community came to City Council Igor Polishchuk, director of housing and communal gospodarstva Kubitskyy John and his assistant Nicholas Osiyuk, director KP "Lutsksvitlo" Alexander cap, director of housing services 3 Ruslan Yuldashev. John and Nicholas Kubitskyy Osiyuk detail described the scope of the work to be performed. In particular, these yards planned to repair the roadway and sidewalks, arrange additional parking for vehiclesamounting to approximately to 1 780 thousand. UAH, Artist Works Ltd. "Lutsk RMMD." To reconstruct the exterior lighting yards - of $ 70 thousand. UAH, and extra equipment on the playground in the amount of approximately 10 thousand. UAH. Preparatory work on these adjacent areas is planned to start in the coming weeks. Raised inrelativity of being and other issues. In particular, the residents requested buildings in the city mayor to repair the pavement of the street-Artemowski Gulak, who now is in a terrible state, to repair steps at the entrance and more. According to the results of the working visit Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk instructed the Department of Housing to consider suggestionspeople in carrying out repair work on their yard areas. This was reported in Lutsk City Council