Week of SARS and flu are sick for more than 4.8 thousand. Lutsk

residents over the last week with the flu and acute respiratory viral infection in Lutsk sick over 4.8 thousand people. Photo: amizon.ua This IA ZIK reported in the management of Health ’ I Lutsk city council. Currently, due to weather conditions are favorable for the spreadagents of acute respiratory viral infections, and accordingly – increased incidence of these infections. Thus, according to local health care institutions and at the town sanitary-epidemiological service, the last week in Lutsk SARS ill 4829 people, including 3148 – Children up to 17 years (65.2%). &Laquo; toof acute respiratory viral infections owns a large number of viral diseases that are occurring, affecting the upper respiratory tract. The most common SARS, influenza, parainfluenza, respiratory sentytsialna, adenoviral and rhinovirus infection & raquo ;, – resemble in management. And therefore recommended for the first symptoms to seek a remedyarya and not engage in independent action that leads to complications. Told