Publisher "Knowledge" promotes quality reading using low-cost

books in the state publishing house "Knowledge" was a series of "Treasures", whose aim is to promote quality reading. Low cost books for the average reader creates the opportunity to get acquainted with the best works of Ukrainian and foreign classics. This was in commentschief editor of the state publishing « Knowledge » Myron Ivanyk. According to Myron Ivanyk to the 2008 crisis was difficult to sell a book that « psychological threshold had three digits – that is, what was more expensive than UAH 100 & raquo ;, and now hard to sell that more than 20 USD. &Laquo; The way people read and people forupuyut book does not give grounds for optimism. But I do not believe that the book will stop reading because man laid open to something new. This can open something new, high-quality reading texts & raquo ;, – convinced Myron Ivanyk. Therefore, the publisher decided to create a series of « Treasure & raquo ;, which includes books, according to headeditor worth reading as they learn to help choose quality texts. &Laquo; We try to promote reading as a phenomenon. We believe that we offer high quality text reader. If he reads a book, you will want to read others in the series, and later recommend them to friends & raquo ;, – told Myron Ivanyk. He said,that the publisher decided not to focus on the names of the writers, and the qualitative texts. In particular, last year in a series of published books Grigor Tyutyunnyk Starozhenka Olexa, Eugene Hutsalo, Waller ’ wooden Pidmohylny. This year, the world will see the works of Vladimir Vynnychenka Tadeusz Do??ga-Mostowicz, Garson Leroux, Karel Capek, Prosper Mary, Frederickde la Motte Fouquet. Told