What such prayer "Neuspaemaya Psalms"

Why We sovershaem not always the right thing? Good Here we have everything in life, safely, and no we togda TIME us pray, us in the Churches of the East. And again, in home come Beda, we nachynayut presledovat failures and nepryyatnosty, and Immediately We also obraschaemsya for pomoshchju for God vspomynaem all prayers, inseschaem sluzhb in church zakazvaem molebn. And for all hvataet time. We obraschaemsya with prosboy for God mole on the Protection, and Very much verym, everything will be something well, something Thanks to High society forces everything will be Very good and ystynnaya Indeed sposobna vera works wonders. Nothing bvaet not just in nashem myre, it is sent to us from above, we preduprezhdayut O volume, something We Cases something wrong How necessary. Everything is there a reason and cause us Look upon a svoyh and concessions. All Our successes in life and that's what delah zavysyat naskolko We soblyudaem relyhyozne zapovedy, norms morality. Vera dolzhna bt in humans ext. A dolzhn userdno We pray and through prayer buy the ochyschenye. Molytva pomohaet Victory us all svoy Negative chert character (jealousy, Gniew, obyd). Prayer ymeet bolshuyu force. Kazhetsya, well, something's wrong with that man molytsya, Nothing difficult. But This is not so, If man molytsya, and prayer yshodyt IZ Total heart, it is happening Very BOL'SHAIa struggle, Spiritual fight. After all molytvoy We staraemsya the help neighboremu own way, and chernaya force kotoraja pohlotyla man, does not want toho, and Very soprotyvlyaetsya. And something further man for kotorogo We molymsya, otoshel from the church, the more we commit trudnee prayer. For everybody should ?agu us podsterehaet differently Rod yskushenyya. Each Could he prays for itself, poka Lives on in this Light and otoshel If ynoy in peace, then prayrodne be for him. Neuspaemaya Psalter chytaetsya t many monasteries. Chytaetsya at about zdravye and departed. Reading proyshodyt kruhlosutochno and day and night without interruption with upomynanyem names (at zdravyy and departed). Only can be a monastery, and the power of such prayers Very big. Prayer Neuspaemaya Psalter mainly on zakazvat raznm reasons. Prayer etc.oyznosyat monks and monks ymeyut osobuyu grace and ??? mogut vmalyvat laity. Psalter - is prayer Particular syl, ??? ohrazhdaet man from vseh yskushenyy, pomohaet struggle to co passions. In addition to prayer upomynayut names Each day, then a day to several times in dependence from monastery. Prayer Neuspaemaya Psalter pomohaet not only becausemolyatsya whom and why and someone zakazal, and monasteries, and monks. Avto always chuvstvovat support, neobhodimo Neuspaemuyu Psalter zakazvat and for themselves. When Monasteries In detail can be vechnoe pomynovenye Neuspaemuyu on the Psalms. However, This is Very expensive, but the result is worth it.

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