In Rivne completed preventive measures called "pedestrian" (+ photos)

Over the last two months the State employees Rivne region conducted preventive measures aimed at prevention and road accidents involving pedestrians. During these events inspectors ASCentuvaly attention to identifying violations of traffic rules among the pedestrians, conducted outreach in the workplace and in the traffic control. However, during these preventive measures inspectors found violations of traffic rules by drivers of vehicles in failure of the advantages in moving pedestrians. - During etc.Proof of targeted prevention interventions called "pedestrian" employees of the State was found over a thousand violations of traffic rules by pedestrians, of which 204 - in a state of intoxication. In addition, it was fined more than 100 drivers for not providing benefits in moving pedestrians - Deputy Headand UGAI Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Rivne Police Lt. Peter Kharchuk. It should be noted that due to conducted preventive measures has significantly reduced the number of accidents due to the fault of pedestrians and prevent death and injury of this category of road users in a traffic accident. Watchdogs roads continueand take preventive measures to reduce and prevent the number of accidents involving pedestrians and guilt. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs UGAI Ukraine in Rivne region