In the Rivne region defined strategy requires correct tactical steps

'activity Employment Service Rivne and pressing issues of the current period, particularly in promoting the employment of internally displaced persons was discussed at the workshop, held in the regional center of employment. The event was attended basic center directorss employment department heads of the regional center and structure of the Center for vocational education state employment. Deputy Director of the Regional Employment Tatiana Novorok thoroughly reviewed the status of an order of the State Employment Service of 31.01.2015 10 "On the organization of work doing to promotetoast internally displaced persons in 2015 ". She singled out the actual directions of specialists employment centers for comprehensive coverage of IDPs service life. These include: establishing even greater cooperation with authorities, constructive activity of mobile groups established in each base center for sotsialnohsupport of immigrants agreements with voluntary and community organizations and others. Tatiana Novorok stressed that the qualifications of people who moved from the eastern regions, it is also difficult adapted to the local labor market. Accordingly, for these jobseekers options for increasing competitiveness may be learning or perenavsupply. Also important in helping immigrants is psychological support. So soon be worked out precise algorithm cooperation of specialists and psychologists employment centers TSPTO SEC and schools. The meeting reviewed the performance of basic tasks of the employment service, efficiency complete training center of professional groups and technicaltion of education public service employment. The importance of compliance with legislation on employment in collaboration structural units of the regional employment emphasized present Chief Inspectorate for control over compliance with legislation on employment Valentine Bulavska. As a result of the meeting peer support courseto improve the strategy of state employment. Therefore, every tactical step in this direction should be adjusted. This was reported in Rivne city employment center