Yevroprotokol will arrange an accident without inspectors

25 February, the Deputy Head UGAI Ministry of Internal Affairs in the State Control room of Rivne a meeting at which representatives of insurance companies told the inspectors about the benefits of legal norms Yevroprotokolu. During the meeting, representatives of insurance companiesbrought to the attention of the audience Yevroprotokolu assembly features that further inspectors will explain road users. - Frequent minor traffic accidents. It is for these cases and is designed so-called Yevroprotokol - says Alexander, a representative of one of the insurance companies. Worthnoted that the assembly much easier Yevroprotokolu mechanism design of traffic accidents. - But we should be clear about the circumstances in which drivers can apply for "Reporting the accident." In the event of failure of at least one compulsory for Yevroprotokolu conditions at the accident should call the police employee, - the deputy onsuppliers UGAI Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Rivne region Victor Moroz. So, Rivne Oblast State car recommends drivers when committing a traffic accident with minor consequences and without use Yevroprotokoly affected. If drivers participating accidents Yevroprotokolom benefited by sharing its design and signaturetion, they have the right to leave the scene of an accident and released from administrative liability provided for its commission, and to inform the compulsory traffic police to commit such a road accident. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs UGAI Ukraine in Rivne region