In the Rivne region sentenced two residents Sarnenski district for a fight, which resulted in

people killed Evidence collected pretrial investigation procedure manuals prosecution, the court found sufficient to sentence two residents. In particular, the 22-year-old inhabitant Sarnenski district held guilty of any crimeProvided ch. 1, Art. 121, ch. 2, Art. 263, p. 4. 296, ch. 2, Art. 115 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (grievous bodily harm, illegal handling of weapons, hooliganism and premeditated murder). Actions 23-year-old accomplice - the inhabitants of that region, characterized as criminal offenses under Part. 2, Art. 263, p. 4. 296 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (illegal handlingarms and hooliganism). ? Established in October 2013 between the accused and the residents of Volyn region in one of the cafes in the area Sarnensky, a conflict that escalated into a fight. The result? Three men were injured varying severity and one died from his injuries on the spot? said senior prokuroProcedural guidance department was in pre-trial investigation by the Internal Affairs and the State Prosecution charges Rivne region, Alexander Stankevich. It was found that one of the defendants, who also was drunk ch? Yaninnya, in collusion with an accomplice during a fight melee weapon usedth. Two victims were inflicted with a knife at least 2-4 strokes on the body and as a result, suffered serious injuries. Stab injury to one another victim, was incompatible with life. ? During the hearings a prisoner tries to convince the court that the state acted in self-defense, as passed judgment appealed against, or an attempt toMr. escape punishment. However, the Court of Appeal agreed with the Rivne region public prosecutor's arguments and concluded that such a state was not, as had an excess of necessary defense, because the part of the victims socially dangerous encroachment not vchynyalysya - said the prosecutor. According to court decisions 22-year zhyteLiu Sarnenski district sentenced to imprisonment for 13 years. His accomplice was sentenced to imprisonment for a term of 4 years of probation for 2 years. Furthermore, in accordance with Art. 76 Criminal Code of Ukraine on the latter in charge did not leave the Ukraine for permanent residence without permission krymintial executive inspection report on the change of residence, work or study and periodically appear in the inspection for registration. Also prisoners have to pay 335 thousand UAH victims of material and moral damages to victims. Press service of the regional prosecutor's office