Ternopil police doubled the number of patrols to protect public order

To minimize the possibility of unforeseen situations, all law enforcement officers Ternopil region continue to operate in emergency mode. Every day for the rule of law in the region and prevent destabilization ofperatyvnoyi situation replaced twice patrols and mobile police crews. By public order additional personnel involved natshvardiyi and social activists. On roads area restored checkpoints where police officers control traffic, check the car for the presence of weapons or other explosivedangerous objects. Law enforcement officials together with representatives of private security agencies took custody of strategic enterprises and living facilities. In the regional police custody round the clock operational headquarters, which monitors the situation and analysis of the information to coordinate further action. Developed Replyidni measures to ensure adequate protection of public order in the region. Law enforcement officials stepped up police patrols in public places, car and train stations. The police conduct measures to identify suspicious individuals who can perform provocative actions and call for unauthorized protestactions that could destabilize the social and political situation in the region. Before zastupannyam the service, management police patrol thorough instruction, emphasizing the strict rule of law and the rules of personal safety. Law enforcement officials are turning to residents of the area to be especially vigilant and report information relating toezpeky people, in particular, those with suspicious behavior left unattended luggage, packages and so on telephone "hot line" in Ternopil (0352) 52-15-33 or 102 in any unit of the Interior. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region