Pensioner robbed previously convicted Volynianka

First sprytnytsya helped the woman, who was ill, and then logging in confidence, robbed her. The police Internal Affairs of Ukraine Kovel CF in the Volyn region kovelchanka addressed a statement about the theft. The woman said that before the pensioner in the street was bad. The girl heldnearby, helped the injured to get their own home. After a while dobrozychlyvytsya decided to visit 58-year-old woman. After her visit the apartment disappeared laptop, women's coats and gold chain. As it turned out, was zloumyshlennitsy kovelchanka 32-year-old, who in 2014 was convicted of committing a similar offense. Information submitted to Edynoho register pre-trial investigations ch. c. 185 (theft) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Ongoing investigation. Elina Baginskiy, Kovel MB Internal Affairs of Ukraine Volyn region