At the Ternopil almost 1,200 displaced families receive a monthly targeted assistance to

displaced nearly 1,200 families receive a monthly targeted assistance. This is the board RSA director of the Department Social Welfare RSA Vadim Boyarsky. He noted that the implementation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine 01 2014 . 505 is working to provide families and individuals who move temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine and districts of the antiterrorist operation, monthly targeted assistance to cover living expenses, including housing and utilities. "As of February 18, 2015 in the regionikovano 1303 family (2294 people) of this category. By appointment monthly targeted assistance to families approached in 1239, including: 1191 family specified type of assistance for 20 families - takes care appointment, 28 families in the appointment aid refused, "- said Vadim A.. According to the director of the Department of Social Protectionin population since the beginning of this Resolution to the amount charged assistance 3.2 million USD, including in January of this year - 1.2 million. As of February 10, 2015 funds paid in full, no debt. Acting head of the Ternopil Oblast State Administration said the proper operation of the social Matystu population of the area and carry out tasks in terms of benefits and housing subsidies to the mark. "However, the main objectives of the department and local departments of social protection for 2015 is to ensure the implementation and Implementation of changes to be made to the existing order benefits and housingsubsidies of broad explanatory work among the population on these issues, as well as providing social support to all citizens who need it ", - said Ivan Bogdanovic. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration