In step into the abyss: Franko university students in defense of the Ukrainian language

Under the new law on higher education in Ukraine declared principle of institutional autonomy, so the issue of the curriculum and the list of compulsory subjects - a personal decision of the Academic Council of the particular university. This applies to the study of the Ukrainian language in technicalthese specialties that are not in the list of mandatory humanities. Such a threat to native language nowadays shook students and teachers of the Faculty of Philology Lviv National University. Ivan Franko. So they organized a roundtable entitled: « a step from the abyss: Ukrainian higher education without native language & raquo ;,held yesterday in the Mirror Hall University. &Laquo; Ministry disclaims responsibility for what courses are required ’ obligatory in any university, and gives the option to learn or not to learn Ukrainian. For example, there are the order of the rector of the Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University, where Ukrainian languagesand literature and from the list of required ’ compulsory subjects for study in engineering or natural specialties & raquo ;, – says Vice-pedagogical LNU Jaroslav Garasym. During the roundtable, he tried to explain what the danger autonomy of educational institutions in matters of language. &Laquo; if you go Ideatal understanding of the situation, it is difficult if nothing happens on the condition that we live in a perfect Ukrainian society, so that institution should convince you need to learn Ukrainian language for professional purposes? It would seem that there can be a problem, just move the center of the decision of the Ministry for Navcational institutions, that's all. Where is the guarantee that the Odessa Law Academy will choose the Ukrainian language as required ’ compulsory? & Raquo ;. &Laquo; may also elect, – Vice Rector continues Yaroslav I., – is a disputable issue. But this level of consciousness of our society to give it to chance. Obviously not. And so the public zburylosya & raquo ;.&Laquo; Somehow, labor, civil protection is required ’ compulsory curriculum in high school, though they are not in the law on education as required ’ compulsory. It turns out that civil protection we more expensive than spiritual. So I advise you to adopt a resolution on this roundtable, connecting public and experts to address the committee on spiritualityand to immediately sat there for drafting a new law on the use of language. And add to this law that the state language study in high school is required ’ compulsory. So we give the Ministry of Education roadmap how to get out of this situation in order not to infringe on the autonomy of the institution and keep your language & raquo ;, – a professional solution to the problem of language, etc.opposes pro-rector at the official level. At the level of student Yaroslav I. instructed the youth to come up with an icon that can be labeled those schools that do not want to study in its universities Ukrainian language. &Laquo; Our actions must be different. They should speak to the heart, the mind, the emotions, to this end, we are not allowed to Nonefirst school, which would not introduced in the curriculum for bachelors subject « Ukrainian language for professional orientation », – Vice Rector said. For the safety of discipline « Ukrainian language for professional orientation » and leaving her status « regulatory » became subject and Country HeadPhaedra Ukrainian Applied Linguistics Irina Kachan. &Laquo; After Ukraine became an independent state in the educational process of high school was introduced object « Business Ukrainian & raquo ;. And then there was manipulation with the name of discipline, if, for example, refer to our historical sources textbooks 20-30 years time there « language of business » has also been marked very clearly what amounted to the concept of professional language. And, unfortunately, not all sorted out in this title, and they began again to teach the subject, it was considered that it is the official papers, business communication, which is not quite appropriate for technicians. So when in 2007 the Ministry of Education was headed ourHector Ivan Vakarchuk, it is well understood in this issue and suggested naming discipline « Ukrainian language for professional orientation & raquo ;. An initiative group, which made the application of this discipline and it is longer acting. We tried to improve it, as there were some shortcomings. We are ready to offer a new program.However, the fall received information that there is an order to cancel this discipline as a normative since ceased to operate decree of 2007. So alarm bells went off teachers not only our departments and other universities who are willing to defend language & raquo ;, – told how everything happened Irina. According to university philologist, learning stateavnoyi language never hurts anyone. &Laquo; We believe that it is impossible to do so with such discipline, because not only students, but also very qualified experts do not always neatly speak Ukrainian and doublespeak in teaching or inaccuracy use of terms, substitution of concepts are not only misunderstood, but distortion of certain theories and their perceptionsttya. Often observe violations of the rules of language in different linguistic levels, irregular accents, irregular accents, word forms & raquo ;. Irina said that the language for professional purposes Duty ’ necessarily need to learn. We need to change the program where the first place is a perfect study professional terminology, researchlanguage that provides spoken language, rhetoric, speech at the professional level, degree, diploma, proper execution bibliography. So to solve the language problem at the state level, students prepared a city letter to the President of Ukraine. Student Mayor Eugene Fylypets who participated in a round table, zachytav text and said that if tomorrow there will be events such that Ukrainian language will be deleted from the list of required ’ compulsory specializations, the student will be the driving force and leader in the promotion of resistance and protest actions such power. Instead, teachers offered students conduct philological volunteering in the University that all Ojochi can improve their knowledge of the native language. And students of philology addressed an initiative to create a course video lessons of the Ukrainian language, which can be viewed on the portal Told