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Oksana Dumans'ka encourages mothers to enter the streets of cities - Hope dies Savchenko Mothers call

to reach the streets of the towns to support Savchenko hope that the Russian prison hunger 76th day. Oksana Dumans'ka. Photo: Roman Baluk / ZIK This is stated on the Facebook page of the famous writer, translator, associate professor of Ukrainian Academy of Printingarstva, winner of literary awards named Dmytro Nytchenko and Irene Wilde Oksana Dumans'ka. &Laquo; Savchenko Hope Mom '77 ... The daughter of starving, dying voluntarily. We are accustomed to this news? We must go to the streets of cities, Mother & raquo ;, – called Oksana Dumans'ka. Recall the Moscow City Court upheld the arrest extensionUkrainian pilots in captive Hope Savchenko and 13 May. Savchenko hunger of December 13, 2014. February 20 she gave up others ’ injection of glucose that supported her life. February 24 Hope Savchenko called back its shares on March 1. This is stated in its appeal, released on Twitter her lawyer Mark Feigin. &Laquo; PI obazhayte and Ukraine success in this unequal battle for their support in action March 1, 2015 & raquo ;, – Savchenko called Hope. Told