In the Volyn region rescuers were taught actions in emergency situations students boarding school (photo, video)

In order to prevent and counter possible threats to the life and health ’ S members of the educational process rescuers carry roses ’ yasnyuvalnu work in all educational institutions in the region . So, on February 12 employees OfficeDSNS Ukraine in the Volyn region Volyn way to boarding school. Before school pupils by the Deputy Chief of response to emergency situations in DSNS Ukraine in Volyn civil defense Colonel Victor Merciful. He outlined the pupils statistical picture of emergencies and events that not onlyterritory of the region but also the entire country, noting that the life and welfare of each is largely dependent on strict adherence to safety rules. Also Viktor told pupils about the course of action in emergencies, acts of terrorism, sabotage, mining and other dangers reminded Rules for the Treatment of explosive mateRial. For better learning children demonstrated video PSAs DSNS Ukraine « Danger identify explosives & raquo ;, « Observe the following when identifying modern explosive device & raquo ;, « Improper handling of ammunition can watch life & raquo ;, « Dangerous findings » and others. From knowledge to action moved. As part of the event head of the medical service in the Volyn region DSNS Peter Savchuk demonstrated how to provide first aid domedychnu, described the types of bleeding, how to stop. It is not lost in case of an emergency – This is the main component of survival. However, this rubbno teach, available to tell you what to do, explain that it is important to do everything quickly, because in the moment of danger these priceless knowledge. So after practicing the theory of wanting to hold a special dummy simple measures to save the life of the victim. After the practical training students from Lyceum ’ yasuvaly to do artificial respiration and chest compressions etc.osyt difficult. Similar « Safety Lessons » by rescuers will continue in the future because of the need to ensure that they have learned the rules of conduct and in case of contact with non-standard life situations could apply knowledge and skills. In DSNS in Volyn region