In Khmelnytsky hero of modern times

They were heroes of modern times. Heavenly hundred. People who walked with bare hands against bullets. For such - Homeland above all. For her sake and future of the younger generation of 18-20 February 2014 they gave their lives. One of them was our countryman - Anatoliy Korneev. A good leader, friend, father and husband. Exactlyabout his February 26 presentation of the book under the same title "Hero of a new era" initiative development and printing of which occurred during the meeting of the district council of veterans May 14, 2014 and its chairman Anton Ivanovich Malik. This idea was fully supported by the district government at all levels, including the allocation of funds. According to Antonand Malik: "This is a book about a man for the people. It does not claim any title or regalia. It's just artistic and documentary collection of essays and memoirs of a man whose name will forever remain in the history of the Ukrainian state. " The information was