Chernigov: Innovations in Ukrainian schools

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine February 24 held a working meeting with heads of departments (departments) of education and science of regional state administrations headed by the Minister of Education and Science Sergey Flowers and the participation of Deputy Minister Pavlo Polyansky. During the meeting discussed Finnansuvannya education agenda end of the school year, the state final testing, external testing opening campaign, summer language camps and democratization processes in management education. Education and Science Minister Sergey Apr opening session outlined the key issues to discuss jointent. According to Sergei flowers, this year is going to first start for summer school students studying foreign languages. This volunteer project, in which teachers, speakers of foreign languages ??and students of appropriate specialties volunteers teach students a foreign language you choose for his disciples. Ministry proposes to make tritiumzhnevu Summer School of English at the general secondary schools. "We draw public attention to this problem, because no modern education without English," - said the Minister. According to Sergei flowers, in the future, the Ministry of Education plans to develop a social program to learn English."The issue of English language - one of the key issues of education," - said the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine. According to the Minister, the project involves summer camps MES Ukrainian volunteer organizations and individual volunteers from different countries who are native speakers. Methodical learning English in summer camps provided of AmericanKimi, British and Canadian organizations will be posted on the website of the Ministry of Education. Deputy Minister of Education Paul Polansky said that students participating in language camps should only be voluntary. According to the Deputy Minister, it is reasonable and useful replacement so-called summer camps that in terms of recreation hallyshayutsya a formality and place in the "recovery on the pavement." "This summer camps will be established only where there is a desire of parents, students, teachers and necessarily - the relevant conditions," - said Paul Polansky. Why so? Ministry is not authorized to engage in such work, and the budget did not provide funds for the rehabilitation of children. However, the agency is not eliminated by working with investors and equipping volunteers for students in the summer vacation. The meeting discussed the new regulation of the state final certification (STA). Deputy Minister of Education noted directors of departments to key innovations. The challenge is to DPA each school separatelyand has them agree with the district, provincial Departments of Education or the Ministry. Responsibility for the quality and credibility of the tasks now assigned to the school. Paul Polansky said that no collections from the state final certification Ministry is not endorsed nor recommended. "Those who propose them, seeking to makenaivete on students and parents. " All tests of state final certification in the ninth and eleventh grades will be held only in writing. For students grade 4 state final examination must take place as normal control work. Paul Polansky drew attention to the fourth-sensitive attitude to under Partassistant certification, "so they do not overtax best tell the children that they will write a quiz - a usual thing for them." For 9th grade DPA held in the Ukrainian language, math or history of Ukraine and third choice on the subject of school. Decisions on the 3rd school subject takes their own, talking to parents. For students 11-grade DPA also held in three subjects. Certification of the Ukrainian language will be in the form of lessons and students will form its not in the schools, and the testing points 24 April. The results of testing of Ukrainian language and literature will odinnadtsatiklassnikov and assessment for the certificate. Two things: the Ukrainian language and mathematics - are required. Third - the coatinwas a student. 11th graders will be held at the school has certified approximately from 22 to 28 May. Schools themselves will determine the start of final certification. Conducting state final certification in fourth grade recommended from 12 to 21 May, in ninth - 1 to 9 June. Give a certificate of completion of nine classes Eministries recommends 10-11 June and matriculation - 30-31 May. Paul Polansky also said that the ministry will offer excellent award medals by the results of the tenth grade and the first semester of the eleventh grade. Admissions of Donbass and Crimea registration for testing extended to 20 April. Deputy Minister of EducationScience and Paul Polansky also stressed the need to be responsive to the Crimea and Donbas graduates, most of which school year has not started. "These are our children and we have to give them a chance for the future and realize their right to education", - said Deputy Minister. Director of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment Igor Leekarchuk noted that not all schools actively participated in the register for testing. And it is dangerous that the graduates can go without certificates, reports Government portal. As of participation in testing registered more than 217 thousand graduates is almost 100% of all graduates Ukraine in 2015. Problematic remaining 41 wthird degree circle, of which no testing is not registered graduate, and 66 secondary schools, where registration was only half the students. Next problem - Staffing Center of Evaluation of knowledge. It should attract 18 thousand teachers - the most experienced and naysumlinnishyh. From the result of their work will depend not only this year,but also the prospect of further work. After expect that in the future the state final examination in all subjects will be held in the form of testing. Games Likarchuk also noted directors of education, testing-2015 will be held in difficult conditions in terms of security, so the testing points to prevent emergencies and otherrisks to be taken seriously at regional administrations. In addition, UCEQA is important and necessary assistance involving about 18 thousand teaching staff to be present at the testing points on 24 April and responsibly fulfill their duties. Director of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment alsopointed out that this year introduced a new system for determining the results of testing - namely threshold "made" or "not made." The results of students that make testing will be determined by the scale of 100 to 200 points. Those entrants that do not amount to stay out of admissions in 2015. Threshold "was" or "was not" will determine specifically foormovani expert groups, which should include the best teachers, facilitators and staff of higher education institutions. Help in the formation of expert groups also needed at the local level. Actively discussed at the meeting on the new Procedure for certification of educational institutions, much attention is paid to participants unloading training programs that are implementedprograms in grades 1-4 and is expected in the programs of basic and high school (5-11klasy). The meeting emphasized that it is not about creating conceptually new programs, and the removal of repetitions and excesses of those available. It will create new programs are in the context of the new Law "On Education", a project that is develblyayut. During the meeting also discussed: reducing accountability in schools and providing teacher to perform its basic function - high quality training to children; concept of patriotic education, which later should be reflected in textbooks and curricula; vidrukom textbooks and educational subvention under the new legisWell "On Budget" 2015. According to the Government portal