Luciana honor the heroism of the Revolution of dignity and memory of the heroes of Heaven Hundreds

According to the Decree of the President of Ukraine "On the Revolution feat honoring the dignity and commemoration of Heroes Hundreds of Heaven" for the purpose of patriotic education and conservation values ??Euromaidan, Mayor Nicholas Romaniuk signed orderstion. February 20 0 12.00. will lay flowers on the grave of Hero Heavenly Hundreds Basil Moses and memorial service commemorating the heroes Hundreds of Heaven at the memorial complex "Eternal Glory". On the same day at 16.00 in the Palace of Culture of Lutsk evening held requiem memory Hundreds of Heaven Heroes "Heroes do not die." At 18.00 h. - Jr. memorialEben near fotostendu "Heroes Hundreds of Heaven" at Theater Square. Libraries and schools of the city from February 16 week organized memory, views thematic films "Square. Chronicle "," Twenty-first day of testimony in the street of confrontation "meeting with participants Euromaidan lessons of patriotism and other artistic and patriotismmatic events dedicated to the Revolution feat dignity. This was reported in Lutsk City Council