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Transcarpathian police caught picking brothers mukachivtsiv

attackers took off the wheels of the jeep parked on the street, but were detained Mukachevo patrol. In the middle of the night patrol platoon leader Stepan Mukachevo Havran with the ensigns Yuri Dobosz and Basil Hovdoshem have noticed two suspicious men what Dr.emontuvaly wheel of a parked jeep "Nissan". When police approached the suspects, the men tried to unscrew the wheel is the second of the cars, and the first time to hide in his garage. As described thieves, this jeep is in their windows for almost a week, and noone visited by. So they decided to shoot the car piercingssa ... Elder brother, 50-year-old, had already been brought to justice, and to a smaller, 28-year-old, this is the first criminal experience. On this fact openly criminal proceedings under Part 1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine 185 (theft). Currently installed car owner, last pre-trial review. Natalia Machico Mukachivskyy CF MIA