Uzhgorod children in puppet theater rescuers are taught the rules of civil protection

In today's complex and unpredictable for Ukraine, the main rules of civil protection should know not only adults but also kids. To teach kids the basics of behavior during various emergencies in Uzhgorod representatives DSNS conduct briefingsAhead in the Transcarpathian Academic Puppet Theater « Bavka & raquo ;. Thus children combine business with pleasure – go to the theater simultaneously and replenish body of knowledge of civil protection. During the week of Uzhgorod city district department inspectors visited DSNS « Bavku » and accessible form tell childrholes on how to behave in dangerous situations, including fires. Yes, kids informed about the causes of fires in the home, and the basic rules of evacuation recommendations for the prevention of fires. And most importantly, kids emphasize that if disaster should immediately call the emergency services by calling 101. Experience shows that such a greatktyka instructional very effective, because before each performance in the room going over hundreds of young viewers. Promotional and preventive work with children done on time. To Rose ’ kids and teenagers explain the rules of civil protection and fire safety, rescue workers attend preschool and secondary education institutions byTranscarpathia and invite children to fire stations to visually and give details about the specifics of the investigation and search operations. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region