In Uzhhorod taught children how to protect themselves in case of danger

26 February, in Uzhgorod for children held training exercises for signal "Attention everyone! Air raid." Team training served to alarm siren that sounded at 12 o'clock in the premises House life, that Sandor Petofi on the area. According to legend, the city authorities warned Aveof danger – began an immediate evacuation of children from secondary school 9. Accompany teaching staff and pupils of the institution policemen were evacuated to the repository, a nearby pub where is "Tavern" ("Burger"). A few minutes on the square. S. Petofi started with ’ yizhdzhatysya Emergency Service (ryatuvalnyky, ambulance, gas, energy and water utility representatives) as per the legend, as a result of the bombing, was the destruction of buildings and structures. Similar studies were also in vocational school 19, in the regional center for street Gagarin. Being about ’ yektah shelter, children againreminded of the rules of conduct in such emergency situations and events of security. As a result of the exercise was assessed actions of all emergency city. All services at a specified time arrived to the scene and began to operate as directed. As the Head of DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region Miroslav SHCHERBA, thmain thing is the purpose of this measure is to check how accurately and efficiently conducted recovery measures and mining algorithm to automatic action life support services involved in this type of rescue. In the near future such training will be held in all cities and districts. Management DSNS Ukraine in Zakarpatskiy area