For repeated offenses may volynyanyna three years foreclose driving

Drunk driver refused to open the door and communicate with the police, so the car was taken to areshtmaydanchyk. Employees of the State while on patrol noticed the driver who behaved quite suspicious. But not to reviewwas given as seeing police officers, a man locked in the car and refused to communicate and undergo tests on Breathalyzer. The incident occurred about 3 am on the street Boyko in Lutsk. The driver, a resident of Kovel, left the entertainment venue, got behind the wheel of Commercial Vehicle "Reno" and began Rukhtysya without turning on the headlights, the patrol drew attention along the SAI. Since opening the doors driver refused, the car with a tow truck was taken to areshtmaydanchyk. According to head of the State service of Lutsk Victor Hlavichky similar offenses committed people nevpershe: - Last year,In September this man has been brought to justice for driving in the territory of Lutsk drunk. That night he was arrested for the same violation. Materials in this case we transfer to the court. Typically, in such cases, the offender denied the right driving for two or three years with compensated withdrawal transpoortnoho product. Finally daivets main city appealed to drivers asking to be responsible and careful, sitting behind the wheel. UGAI Internal Affairs of Ukraine Volyn region