In Transcarpathia during a party previously convicted man "jumped" by Naprosyvshys than

guests and hylnuvshy in excess, a former "prisoner" attacked with a knife on a drinking companion. Fortunately, the neck wound was not fatal. Middle of the night to the next part Berehiv District Police received a call from the 35-year-old inhabitant of the village Batiovo Berehivsone area. The man asked police officers to take measures to villagers who inflicted injuries his twin brother. Employees investigative team police department, who moved the report, found the circumstances of the event. The house on vul.Koshuta in smt.Batovo was a feast. The owner drank alcohol with their 35Years familiar. At this time they came uninvited guest - 44-year-old odnoselets, recently released from prison, which was punished by pohrabunok. Guest boldly volunteered to drink, and home owner could not refuse him. For three continued to drink alcohol. During the feast originated among the drunken guests conconflicts. As a result of clashes 44-year-old former "prisoner" grabbed a kitchen knife from the table and slashed him on the neck of his opponent. Then run away, do not forget to grab an instrument of the crime - a knife. Fortunately, the impact was not strong blade and not hurt the vital arteries. At this time the victim at home, his life and health is not threatened. Investigators moddilennyam Berehiv police department for this incident started criminal proceedings. Attackers reported suspected of committing a crime for st.125 Part 1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (intentional minor bodily harm). Sanction article provides for punishment in the form of public or correctional labor for up to 200 hours. - Abuse of alcoholwe drink often leads to unlawful actions - said District Police Chief Berehiv Police Lt. Nicholas chicken. - According to statistics, most criminal and administrative offenses committed in particular on the basis of domestic relations, it is committed while intoxicated. John Denysyuk Beregovsky District Police