Credit cards Privat - most available in Ukraine to credit

slight increase from 1 April PrivatBank interest rates for credit limit does not significantly affect the accessibility for residents of Ukraine the most mass and most popular loan programs. According to research conducted by "Prostobank Consaltynh "Privat credit cards today are the most profitable way to purchase goods on credit. According to a study Ukrainian market of credit cards, the average real rate on credit limit Ukrainian banks today are 51% in the case of ohotivkovuvannya through ATMs and 47% - in the case of payments bidstruction network. Thus the real interest rate on the card "Universal" Privat is 34.8% per annum, and the card "Universal Gold - around 32.4%, almost half below the average of other Ukrainian banks. Also, according to "Prostobank Consulting" Privat is one of the few banks in Ukraine, providingreal customers complimentary use of credit during the grace period, no fees when paying with credit cards in the network and the minimum fee for withdrawals from ATMs. "Use your credit limit for all cards Privat is free during the grace period - the first 55days after payment by credit - said First Deputy Chairman Oleg Privat Gorokhovsky. - For all expenditures prior to April 1, will operate the old rates. On April 1, due to increased base lending rates NBU and the market situation Privat had slightly increased charge for credit Limater after the grace period. " According Privat, changing from April 1, 2015 rates for credit limit to 3.6% per month for cardholders "Universal" and 3.5% per month on cards "Universal Gold did not significantly affect the availability of credit programs of the bank. Also at the bank point out that the April 1, 2015increase the minimum amount of repayment on cards - from 50 to 100 per month. The user "children" Junior Card minimum payment will be reduced by contrast - from 50 to 30 per month. Today Privat credit limits are 17.3 million Ukrainian and total credit limits on cards on February 24is about 51.8 billion USD.