Luck: the club "White ball" - a sports festival

February 11 clubs in the community "White Ball" (st. Konyakina 35) Lutsk city center physical health "Sport for All" expert Yuri Ostrometskyy organized sporting event involving children, who live in the neighborhood. Before the event also joined youngAthletes from other clubs in the city center. The event started the competition with a mini-soccer playground Club (st. Konyakina, 37) among the four teams - two of the club "White Ball" and two - away from clubs "athlete" and "Luchesk." In a tense struggle winner was the team of the club "White Ball" - the first place, the club "Luchesk" - second place, third placeBC won the club "athlete". It was also determined and awarded gifts best players on each team - Maxim forelock ("White Ball"), Roman Sivak ("Luchesk"), Dennis Hvytsya ("Failure"). At the same time in the club room darts fans competed for the title of best in the two age groups (younger and older). Winners were: younger groupAnd place - Maxim Trachuk, second place - Dmitry Wednesday, third place - Edward Shamrai; senior group: First place - Maxim Schepenko, second place - Dmitry Kashuba, third place - Stanislav Cuckoo. In the gym club holidays all participants were able to see a demonstration of judo training under the guidance of coach Inna Homenchuk. Children demonstrated how through sysmatic occupation learned skillfully hold their bodies and methods of struggle. In celebration of the club was invited and honored guest - Honored coach of Ukraine jujitsu Games Yukhimenko who conducted trenuvaannya in the hall of the club. The first thing kids asked why he was in uniform. As it turned out, it is mobilized and trained it to youm heading to the East. And despite the busy schedule of training, he found time and responded to the invitation. Children and adults listened story coach of valor and achievements of his pupils and once again convinced that physical education and sport - a hardening of body and spirit that always fit us in life. Celebration continuedcompetition checkers. There were many who want to try their hand at this game intlektualniy. Prizes won following participants: First place - Artem Kychuk, second place - Art Shamurovskyy, third place - Daria Romaniuk. And at the end of the gym four teams competed for winning the tug tow. Fighting was fierce. Nobody wanted to takesmiling, each team last effort to resist. As a result, the strongest was the team of judo. Then were summarized and diplomas awarded winners club "White Ball". City center physical health "Sport for All" (720 335) This was reported in Lutsk City Council

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/