In Vinnytsia in 2015 will continue the implementation of the mechanism of state support of the population during the transition to alternative heating (+ photos)

This was discussed at the board took the Department of Housing and Municipal Economy, Energy and Infrastructure Administration, which took place on 25 February. The agenda dealt with the issue of resultsof housing and communal services, energy and infrastructure for the region in 2014 and defined tasks for 2015. In this paper, the panel was attended by Deputy Department Head Vasily the industry. He said: "The country is in a very difficult situation. But we have been and will be challenged - softwarelife area. " On the results achieved and objectives for 2015 reported to the Director of the Department, Chairman of Board - Anatoly Vakar. In particular, he said the following: "Last year was difficult for all of us. But, in any case, the main activities of housing and communal services, energy and infrastructure were and remainare stable functioning of life support settlements, as well as providing all customers with quality public services. " According to the official, last year managed not only to preserve the existing infrastructure facilities, but also their development. Significant investment by the budgets of all levels aimedto transfer gas boiler - 50 mln. UAH., 14 mln. USD. financed from the state budget, the development of road sector (over 142.0 million. UAH.), landscaping (over 127.7 million. UAH.) and water supply company (nearly 8 million. USD.). As part of the National Energy Security Strategy priorities and objectivesWe are the reduction of natural gas. One of the most important ways in which the region is carried out significant work is the transfer of budgetary institutions from natural gas to alternative fuels. At the beginning of 2014 was transferred to 204 alternative budget of the region, and at the beginning of 2015 - 339. Thus, the annual ecomia natural gas consumption reaches 7 million. m3. Due to budgetary institutions of events field, the actual gas savings for 2 months in 2015 is about 3 million. M3, while in 5 months in 2014 these same institutions were saved only 1.7 mln. M3. Last year, the substitution of natural gas has been allocated 18 mln. USD. subvEnets people of the state budget. This year such strong support anymore. Therefore, in the regional budget for 2015 provided funds for repayment of debt to work with switch over in 2014 in the amount of 3.1 million. USD. They are in the form of subsidies transferred to cities and Ladyzhin Khmilnyk, Haysyn, Illinetskyi, Kalynivskyi,Lipovetsky, Teplice, Tyvrovsky, Tomashpil, Trostianetskyi, Tulchinsky, Khmilnytskyi areas. There are 5 mln. USD. energy-saving measures. However, due to changes in the budget and tax legislation this year significantly strengthened district, village and city budgets. Despite the conDan work in the public sector, the largest consumer of natural gas in the region is population. Anatoly Vakar drew attention to the following. To implement programs concessional lending to households with energy efficiency in 2015 is expected to direct 343.5 million. UAH. public investment. In 2015, the State Agency Energoatomfektyvnosti and energy saving Ukraine planned expansion of the list of activities which provided state support. Thus, the refund procedures initiated by the introduction of the population of the loan up to 30% on installation windows, purchasing energy-saving materials, installation of meters, etc., as well as compensationI 40% of loans for the purchase of energy efficient equipment and materials for condominiums. In 2015, continued implementation of the mechanism of state support of the population during the transition to alternative heating, which provides 20% reimbursement of the loan to populations in PAT " Savings " for the purchase of electric and solid fuel boilers.In Vinnitsa region concessional lending mechanism to establish solid fuel boilers used the 62 households in the amount of 836.7 thousand. UAH. The most active were residents Illinetskyi area - 10 credits Murovanokurylivetsky region and the city. Vinnitsa - 7 credits. According to the data of energy audits, the average percentage loss heatla in apartment buildings up to 40%. According to monitoring as a priority in the overall reconstruction and thermo be about 850 houses of obsolete housing a total area of ??1.5 million. Thousand. M2. The estimated cost of these buildings with thermo 2.9 billion. UAH. Anatoliand cowherd touched upon issues concerning the development of key segments of communal services. Last year, much attention was paid to the development of water supply, especially in rural areas. In the regional budget in 2014 for the implementation of the Programme of drinking water has been allocated 1 million. USD. At the fund-raising territorial thunderAl mastered 2 mln. USD. 6 on the implementation of projects on construction and reconstruction of the centralized water supply networks in towns Zhmerynka, Illinetskyi, Trostyanetskogo, Tomashpil, Sharhorod and Yampolsky areas. As a result, constructed 8 km of water supply systems and provided with centralized water supply over 2000residents. Actively involved funds from international financial institutions for the construction of water supply system. Thus, the project implemented in DESPRO 6 more projects on water supply in rural areas Bershad, Pogrebischenskom, Kalynivskyi, Haysyn, Tyvrovsky and Lipovetsky region. This gave the cityozhlyvist improve services to over 3 thousand customers. We look forward to continuing this work and this year. Thus, in the regional budget for 2015 envisaged expenditure amounting to 2 million. USD. for projects of water supply settlements area on co-financing. An important task - is a complete equipment entrepreneur,technological SMEs of water and wastewater. This technology will allow businesses metering devices VCG competent to carry out accounting policies and reliably determine the amount of losses and expenses are then included in the basic components of the cost of services. Regarding communal roads. In the past year, as many years, fifunding costs associated with the repair and maintenance of communal roads in settlements of the region was carried out at the expense of subsidies from the state budget funds Vinnytsia Regional Road Fund and local budgets. Thus, the repair of municipal roads from all levels of the budget was spent around 142.7 million. UAH., Thatmade it possible to repair more than 2.5 thousand. m. m. roads. This year, grants, allocated from the state budget to local budgets for maintenance and development of municipal road network - no. However, the question of repairing the road network can not be ignored, repair it is essential because it is an important component of transportof the region, so you should work on this issue and devise opportunity to finance road works from local sources. "I outlined the main tasks for 2015. Please do not hesitate and actively engage in the work "- summed Anatoly Vakar. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration