Taxpayers can use Vinnichiny 14 services, from home

For this only need a computer connected to the Internet. Once logged in fiscal service in Vinnytsia Oblast web address people can operate electronic tax and customs services. They significantly save time and allow, For example, to file tax returns just in your own home. However, to report electronically, you must issue a digital signature accredited certification. In our area they operate in Vinnytsia, Zhmerinskiy and Kryzhopolsky LIGHTS. In particular, the portal there are sections: " The data from the registry of VAT payers " ;, " Customs statistics & quot ;, " Learn more about his business partner & quot ;, " Electronic Customs & quot ;, " Accredited Certification Authority & quot ;, " Anti-Corruption Service " pulse & quot ;, " Electronic cabinet Taxpayer " , " cancellation of VAT registration & quot ;, " Electronic Reportingb & quot ;, " Register single taxpayers & quot ;, " Public Informational Resource & quot ;, " Declaration on-line & quot ;, " Register of insurers & quot ;, " data on registration of taxpayers & quot ;. If you are unable to use a computer at home, this Service Center arejobs taxpayer with access to the network. In addition Centers are consultants moderators to help understand all the issues or submit reports to find information. PG DFS in Vinnitsa region This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration