All-Ukrainian Union "Country" noted Anatoly Oliynyk medal "For dignity and patriotism" (+ photos)

Such awards from PA "Country", which works closely with volunteer associations are volunteers who actively help soldiers "Aydar ". The same distinction, on the proposal of the commander of the unit and awarded the head of the regional state administranistratsiyi Anatoliy Oleinik - help system for the military battalion. "Correct and timely decision - also weapons, which are mainly civil servant and should resolve the issue. My role as an officer in the process - to unite, organize vinnichan to our mutual aid was palpable. From the first days of doing it, there are certain rezultaty. There are my direct involvement. I am convinced that it is timely solution gave us the opportunity through charities, parts of the region zakumulyuvaty for this purpose financial resources ", - commented on his award Anatoliy Oleinik. RSA chairman thanked for the award and at the same time remarked request, which a week ago "aydarivtsi" abysslysya to RSA - to provide diesel generator sets and 10 military uniforms, are met. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration