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In Transcarpathia police practiced recreational facilities in Uzhgorod

During vidpratsyuvan police checked 19 recreation facilities, finding three violations of administrative law. In particular, only one institution has been specially equipped smoking areas, including hookahs. On the orders of the Chief Internal Affairs Ukrayius in the Transcarpathian region police colonel Sergei Sharanycha in the city of Uzhgorod conducted preventive testing recreation facilities to prevent the spread of smoking mixtures, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances and admiration of others to their use, especially minors. Under the leadership of Chief moddilu to combat drug trafficking MIA region Valery Shnurenka police checked 19 recreation facilities. Three police found the young people who smoked hookah. For violation of administrative legislation to unscrupulous managers, bartenders, waiters and most visitors were drawn to administrativeProtocol for st.175-1 Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences (Smoking tobacco in prohibited areas), which entails a warning or a fine ranging from three to ten times the income. These protocols submitted to the administrative committee of Uzhgorod city council for a decision by youish applicable law. The law provides for certain restrictions on the sale and use of tobacco products. This applies to bars and restaurants where smoking is prohibited tobacco and electronic cigarettes and hookahs. For this to be special places for smoking with ventilation to remove smoke. Smoking mixeswere massive popularity among young people, and in recent years has increased the number of cases where young people freely buys and uses them in different places of leisure city. The danger posed by a mixture of these - huge, because their composition may contain potent, poisonous, intoxicating substances with psychotropic and narcotic effect. People who have theiruse, become dependent, that they can start to take stronger drugs, as this can lead to serious illness, disability and even death. As Colonel Valery Shnurenko, if fact-finding systematic or mass consumption or sales of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogues in bulk institutionsFirst public attendance and failure owner establishment of measures to prevent this, the activities of these institutions on the proposal of law enforcement stops seizures. During the preventive measures, law enforcement officers conducted with owners of leisure and instructive talks proved applicable rules of law relating to the regulations in nepovnolitnih at night time entertainment places. Children under 16 from 22.00 to 06.00 hours. forbidden to be in entertainment establishments without the presence of parents. The owners of these establishments are required at night time visitors to require documents proving they reach 16 years of age. - Sadly, some owners and RestoreAniva, cafes, bars, night clubs, discos and entertainment centers of the city, giving preference to their economic interests, not only unwilling to fulfill the requirements of current legislation of Ukraine and also tried to prevent the lawful demands of police during operational and preventive measures and documenting facts administrativetive offenses "- says Valery Shnurenko. - Separately would appeal to parents to control the behavior of children, circle of friends and their environment, both in the real world and the virtual Internet. Perhaps it was the first cigarette or hookah bottle of beer or alcoholic cocktail will step into the abyss of drug addiction ... Dear parents! Nagaduyemo you that for offenses and crimes by juveniles occurs administrative and criminal liability. Please pay more attention to the education of children. For children - the future of Ukraine! Dear owners of leisure! Transcarpathian police are turning to you with a request to strictly comply with current legislation, withpryyaty spread of smoking mixtures, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, especially the younger generation, because each of us is responsible for their future. Dear Transcarpathians! In the case of a fact-finding distribution in places of leisure smoking mixtures, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, call 102 and on TVMIA background confidence region (0312) 69-51-44. Apply personally to the head of the department for combating drug trafficking MIA Shnurenko region Valery Aleksandrovich tel. (0312) 69-54-60. Or write about violations of legislation on drug trafficking by email - For all the facts budut audited and decisions in accordance with applicable law. You can offer their vision for implementing an effective system of prevention in the fight against drug crime on the territory of our country. Police Transcarpathia is ready to work. Dear Diana, Uzhgorod CF MIA