Precinct inspectors detained pocket thief who hunted in the market in Ternopil Ternopil

district inspectors Gorotdel police on suspicion of theft arrested 34-year resident of Ivano-Frankivsk. Thief-hastrolerka at the central market in ternopolyanky stole a purse. What came to Ternopil in search of lightprofit suspected no secret. It is not the first time gets the attention of law enforcement - was convicted of property crimes. Once in Ternopil, hastrolerka applied for central market. The victim was kyshenkarky 45-year-old resident of our city. Thief, using the moment, pulled out of the bag women purse, then quickly tried disappearednuty scene. However, her plans were thwarted by local policeman are called to help people. Thief arrested "on hot". The police seized a suspected someone else's wallet, which was more than five hundred hryvnia. Resident of Ivano-Frankivsk detained under Article 208 of the CPC. She was charged with article 185 of the Criminal Code - theft. Investigators Ternopollskoho Gorotdel conduct pre-trial investigation. The police warn citizens keep property, especially in crowded places. Be careful in crowded transport markets. Do not carry large sums of money, do not keep valuables in bags and pockets. You can not put a purse over food and other personal items. Bag should be keptas close to yourself, do not throw it on your back, especially if there are money. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region