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In Volyn ongoing operation "Primrose"

With the approach of spring in Ukraine is gaining momentum trading of primroses. So in Volyn to prevent illegal purchase or sale to vegetation organized the operation "Primrose -2015". Almost all the primroses are protected or Red Book of Ukraine or regiopositioned with national red lists, and some of them are already on the verge of destruction. Among the endangered rare primroses - all kinds of snowdrops, Leucojum, sleep-grass, wild tulips, saffron and wild garlic are well known to us, or Ramsons. The massive collection of rare plants for sale leads to weakening and small habitats - to the floortion inhibition of seed renovation. This in turn leads to genetic degeneration. To collect and sell such plants is strictly prohibited! Responsibility for following the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences. Citizens who are illegally will collect and implement primroses, prytyahuvatymut accountable. For Nezakonnyy collection and sale of primroses citizens konfiskovuvatymut taken illegally and impose a fine, the amount of which will determine courts. In addition, offenders compensate for the damage caused to the environment for each illegally cut off the plant. We call on all citizens not to disregard any fact tradeand not to disrupt, not to sell or buy first spring flowers in order to preserve their beauty for future generations! Lokachi District Police Ukraine Volyn region