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In the Lviv region in Rava-Ruska elected City Council Secretary Nikolai svobodovtsev Zinkiv

at an extraordinary session Rava-Ruska City Council February 24, 2015 deputies elected by a majority vote of the City Council Secretary Nikolai Zinkiv Svoboda, who according to the law and will perform the duties of city head. It should be noted that on February 17 2015Mayor Rabbi eye-Russian Irina Vereschuk with the Secretary decided to resign, leaving communities to fend for themselves. &Quot; On the eve Irina Vereschuk provided false information to the media, they say, the deputies refused to accept her resignation for fear to take responsibility for the situation in & quot ;, - said the deputy Rava-RuskaCity Council of VO " Freedom " Yuri Horechyy. At the initiative of deputies svobodovtsev February 24, 2015 at an extraordinary session of the City Council of Deputies still considered the issue of the resignation of Mayor Irene Vereschuk and unanimously voted for him. &Quot; insinuation Irene Vereschuk only bring confusion and hurt primarily the urban community.We have demonstrated that they are willing to take responsibility for the situation in & quot ;, - said City Council Member of PA " Freedom " Basil coats. Reference: Zinko Nicholas was born October 24, 1987 in the city. Rava-Ruska. He graduated from Lviv National University, spetsiyalnistyu " International Relations & quot ;. In 2010, aboutWounds deputy Rava-Ruska City Council, an active participant in the Revolution dignity. In June 2014 volunteered to Battalion Special Purpose " January " and is in the area of ??TU. This was reported in the press service of the Lviv regional organization VO " Freedom "