In the Lviv region in Striy conducted training of specialized civil protection services

In line with the heads of regional state administrations February 24 m. Stry a complex fire and tactical training in emergency response involving specialized service of civil protection Stryy. Over the historyriyeyu aircraft bombing exercises held territory SE « Stryjskyj Car Repair Plant & raquo ;. During the attack there was a fire and destruction of industrial and manufacturing plants, power lines, Communications ’ communications, gas and water supply systems and other areas of life threat for factory workers. The bombing took place during working hoursal, in consequence of which under the rubble of building materials opynalasya one person. Priority actions leadership was full evacuation of personnel working in the shelter. Fire and rescue units had a balance of capabilities and combat deployment. Because of the strong smoke units DSNS had to work as part gazodymozaschitny links ffuzhby. Rescuers immediately began to search the victim, organizing parallel extinguish the fire. After the elimination of ignition and transport the victim, rescuers gave his medical staff. Such joint exercises are extremely important, not only for rescue, but also for all services. It gained practical experience duringtraining event is the guarantor of public safety in the event of a real emergency.