In the Lviv region rescuers m.Horodka held tactical exercises

According to the instructions Prem ’ Prime-Minister of Ukraine and within the Introduction of high alert m.Horodku February 23 in Lviv region in the Branches « Pustomitivskim DED » were training tactical exercises on the organization hasinof fires and conduct rescue operations in the most vulnerable infrastructure and about ’ yektah by increased number call. According to legend, there was a fire in the garage boxes that through a big load of combustible materials acquired considerable size. Another enterprise personnel notified event management facility called operatyvno and rescue departments of the city and held a warning and evacuation of personnel. It was also reported that the scene is a victim in need of assistance. Rescuers DSNS composed gazodymozaschitny level of service and teplovidbyvnyh costumes found the victim and to the representatives of the ambulance, where the victim providedmedical care. Then worked conventional fire extinguishing and saved an adjacent room garage. Parallel electricians were made about blackout ’ facility that enabled the start to extinguish the fire. After the fire extinguishing gas service – conducted a survey for the presence of gas leaks, and domestic service workers – taken about ’ object under protection. The purpose of the exercise was to test the readiness of response to actions in case of emergency situation and improve theoretical and practical knowledge of government and industry links on the organization of rescue and other emergency operations, localization and likvidatsiyi emergencies. To eliminate conventional emergency vehicles were engaged 7 and 24 people.