In the Rivne region at the railway station rescuers removed from the roof of the car guy impressed electric

February 24 at 22-40 to the Rescue by calling « 101 » It was reported on duty Station Exactly that in siding railway station on the roof of the car vidbudovchyh for unknown reasonsis a 19 year old guy most likely hit an electric current from the line. At the scene immediately was sent to another guard 1st State Fire and Rescue Regional Center of the car first aid and operational coordination center of the Main Directorate DSNS area. On arrival rescuers first bodyizuvaly disconnect from current contact line, then vdyahnuvshy dielectric special clothing on a ladder up to the roof of the car. After seeing the boy emergency personnel gently lowered him and passed into the hands of ambulance workers. After that 19-year Rivnyanyna in serious condition with electricalth (burns 50% of body surface) was delivered in Rivne burn center. The reasons that led to this accident case to establish specialists. PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region